Creating A Stunning Green Roof: How To Guide

May 19, 2023

Creating A Stunning Green Roof: How To Guide

Green roofs are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners. Not only are green roofs great for the environment, but they offer a different alternative as opposed to your regular flat roof construction. It’s clear why so many homes and businesses incorporate green roofs into their buildings – but with a wealth of benefits, what’s not to love?

It can be hard to take on a new roofing project as it is, especially if it requires much planning and design. Green roofs are great for social gatherings, helping wildlife thrive and to grow different types of plants, flowers and foliage. Many individuals consider their green roofs as an extension of their ground-level garden area. For tips on how to create a stunning green roof, continue reading.


What is a Green Roof?

What is a green roof? A green roof is partially or completely covered in growing medium and vegetation. Becoming one of the most popular roofing systems, green roofs come with an array of environmental benefits.

The various components that make up a green roof system make it safe to have this style of roof for long periods of time. Vegetation is typically planted over a drainage membrane, which helps prevent excess water buildup. Plants and shrubbery are able to thrive efficiently on green roofs if provided with the right nourishment and care.

Sustainability is important now more than ever, which is why people are beginning to adopt a healthier, more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Installing a green roof is a great way to contribute towards the well-being of the planet.

The two main types of green roof systems are extensive and intensive. Extensive green roofs require very little maintenance, often consisting of grass, sedum, moss and wildflowers. In terms of popularity, extensive systems win. Intensive green roofs are best suited for individuals who don’t mind taking on a more complex challenge.

Intensive green roofs are designed to accommodate larger plants, bushes and trees. A layer of soil of growing medium is required in order to support the thicker vegetation layer that’s required for intensive systems. Before your roofing project gets underway, contractors will advise the best green roof system to choose from – whether it be extensive or intensive.


The Benefits of Green Roofs

Having a green roof is most advantageous. A green roof’s attractive appearance is what sets it apart from your typical roofing structure. Apart from aesthetics, green roofs come with a variety of eco benefits. Cities such as London and New York are starting to adopt new design concepts including green roofs.

Buildings in built-up, urban cities are using green roofs to help local wildlife and improve air quality. Green roofs provide a safe space for birds, butterflies and other insect variations to thrive. Green roofs promote better biodiversity all year round – helping cities come to life with nature.

Having a green roof helps massively to reduce energy use by offering thermal protection. Keeping your home or building warm during winter months can be tedious, which is why having a green roof installed is most beneficial. In areas with high amounts of pollen, green roofs are able to filter and absorb particles and pollutants.

This helps reduce toxins in your home, which makes your living space a safer environment. Regardless of whether you live in a busy district or a secluded town, there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to benefit from a green roof system being installed.


Creative Ideas for a Green Roof

Similar to a garden, green roofs can be designed to suit your style and preferences. We recommend showcasing your personality through your green roof – although it’s there to house plants, flowers and shrubbery, you can still design your green roof to look exactly how you want it to by incorporating colours you like and matching elements of your green roof to your existing exterior.

Sedum is ideal to have on your green roof, helping to attract wildlife. In conditions where many plants could perish, white stonecrop and widows cross sedum thrive the most. Moss is a great addition to your green roof – not only does it require less soil, but it can continue to grow even in the shadiest parts.

Ornamental grasses look great on green roofs and sway elegantly in the wind. It’s important not to overcrowd your green roof with bright-coloured plants – breaking up big blocks of colour with plant variations and grasses creates the perfect dynamic.

Wildflowers are the real star of the show. These are what help attract butterflies, bees and other pollinators. Wildflower foliage creates the ideal nesting spot for wildlife. Apart from their ecological benefits, wildflowers are some of the prettiest flowers to look at.


Applications for Green Roofs at Restec

Here at Restec, we provide specialist products across the merchant market – ideally suited for both builders and roofing contractors. If you’re working on a green roof project, it’s essential to make sure the roof is secure and protected for a long period. Green roofs deal with large volumes of water, making it even more crucial to have efficient drainage and a waterproofing system applied.

Both Flexitec 2020 and GRPROOF 1010 from our product range are best suited for green roof applications. Flexitec 2020 can be used on all applications, making it one of the most versatile products we offer here at Restec.

Not only is Flexitec 2020 completely seamless, but there’s also no other product available on the market that’s able to perform at such a level across such an array of applications. GRPROOF 1010 can be used on all green roof projects – big, small, simple or complex, GRPROOF 1010 reduces the risk of cracking and won’t flake or deliminate over time.

If you’d like to find out more information about our wide range of products, feel free to send our expert support team a message today here.

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