Extensive Ideas For Your Green Roof Detailing

June 21, 2023

Extensive Ideas For Your Green Roof Detailing

A green roof is typically covered in vegetation, offering an array of environmental benefits. Green roofs are becoming increasingly popular, with more homeowners choosing to make eco-friendly choices where possible. We need to look after our planet, and having a green roof is a great way to contribute.

Green roofs help reduce energy costs, provide natural insulation and protect your home or commercial building from harsh weather conditions – even more so when applied over liquid roofing solutions. There are plenty of ways to personalise your green roof to create a space beneficial for wildlife and ecosystems, as well as somewhere for you to enjoy.

If you’ve recently considered having a green roof installed, it’s best to have some ideas in mind. If you need some ideas for your green roof detailing, continue reading to find out more.


Green Roofs

A green roof is a surfaced area commonly found in buildings and homes. A vibrant green roof area is perfect to have installed if you’re looking for ways to make your home or commercial space more eco-friendly. Compared to a regular roof design, green roofs help make this area more appealing and interesting to look at.

There are many advantages to having a green roof. You can expect this roof design to encourage wildlife and habitats to thrive. It’s becoming more common for people to implement these designs into their homes to help better the planet, and green roofs certainly help with this.

Rooftop vegetation absorbs heat efficiently, helping maintain the internal temperature of your building. Due to the excellent thermal insulation green roofs offer, you can expect lower energy bills – something that benefits both yourself and the environment greatly.


The Different Types of Green Roofs

There are two main types of green roof designs, extensive and intensive. Depending on why you’re having a green roof installed, these two options are ideal for both small and large buildings. Let’s take a look at the two options in more detail.



Extensive green roofs are the most popular option. These are typically finished with sedum, wildflowers and meadow, ideal for habitats and local insects. It’s common for people to have a green roof installed for environmental and social reasons – green roofs are ideal for gatherings, acting similarly to a garden.

If you’re having a green roof installed for environmental purposes only, this type of design is best suited. Extensive designs aren’t designed for public access and offer minimal maintenance.



Primarily used as a recreational space, intensive green roofs are finished with lawns, large plants, flowers and shrubbery. Although intensive green roofs require additional maintenance, they offer a space for you to wind down and socialise with friends and family.

Walkways and seating are optional but can be incorporated into the space of your intensive green roof. Intensive green roofs are suitable for regular foot traffic and can be visited frequently. We recommend talking with a roof specialist before deciding which type of green roof is best for you.


Ideas for Your Green Roof

Incorporating various plants into your space can make your green roof look interesting, adding depth and helping keep your green roof looking vibrant. It’s best to add plants that can withstand harsh weather conditions, such as rain, wind, sun and snow.

Sedum is one of the most common types of plants for extensive green roofs. Sedum cooperates well with British weather and can be bought ready-grow, which means you’ll have instant coverage. As well as sedum, people use moss and lichen to add greenery to their green roof space.

Both moss and lichen thrive best in moist environments, meaning they can survive on green roofs that endure heavy rain. Moss and lichen are cheap to purchase and offer a low-effort alternative compared to other algae substances.

Wildflowers are often added to green roofs to add colour to your roof. Planting wildflowers give your green roof the most aesthetic appearance and can be planted in both intensive and extensive green roof designs. One of the main aims of having a green roof is to attract wildlife and insects – wildflowers certainly encourage this.

Regardless of the size of your green roof, you can expect local wildlife to thrive. Green roofs come with a plentitude of benefits – not only are they an excellent addition to your existing roof, but they can also be applied as a new build application.


Green Roof Applications at Restec

Here at Restec, we shave a wide range of products that are used daily by thousands of trained roofing contractors. Our liquid roofing solutions are completely seamless and long-lasting, making our systems the ideal green roof base.

We understand how important it is to our customers to have the perfect green roof that protects their homes or commercial buildings with total efficiency, which is why we have produced products at the highest standard. Both Flexitec 2020 and GRPROOF 1010 are ideal for green roof applications.

Flexitec 2020, our flagship product, is popularly sold across the merchant market. Flexitec 2020 is highly versatile and capable of costing all common surfaces. Having revolutionised the liquid roofing industry, Flexitec 2020 provides a tough and flexible membrane for flat roofs and balconies.

Our waterproofing systems are proven to last. Restec provides some of the best products on the market today for green roof applications. Our systems have an extended life span and are designed to keep your roof in great condition for long periods. One of the most efficient ways to remain sustainable is by having a green roof and making such decisions is advantageous for future generations to come.

If you’d like to find out more about green roof applications at Restec, feel free to contact a member of our team here. We look forward to speaking further with you.

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