When constant issues began to appear on the roof of a large manufacturers site in Billingham,United Kingdom, it was clear a long-term solution was needed.

The Problem

One particular building of approximately 1,000m2 which is used as office space, whilst showing no signs of leaking was ageing.

The original roof covering of Bitumen Felt was being constantly patched up and repaired by solutions such as torch on felt and flashband product.

Although suitable for the short term, it was not cost effective to continue using these systems.

After carefully considering their options for providing a long-term solution, the client elected to contact Sweetings Roofing Contractor to undertake a refurbishment.

The Solution

After discussions with Sweetings Roofing Contractor, it was decided that a minimum life of 10 years was required for the new roofing system. Sweeting Roofing Contractor elected to use Flexitec 2020 supplied by Rinus Roofing in Stockton on Tees, due to its benefits and suitable properties which could be applied to the project.

The whole area was evaluated by conducting core test which confirmed the condition of the roof, debris was cleared and the roof was washed down ready to begin the next stages of the process.

Before the system was applied any bubbles and blisters within the original bitumen membrane were star cut to remove any moisture and isolated areas of flashband were covered in a self-adhesive bitumen membrane.

Once these measures were taken the Flexitec 2020 system was then applied across the roof as a two-coat system with all stress points being reinforced which provided a 20-year life for the system, this was double the expectations originally set by the client. The end result was a system that exceeded the client’s expectations, while comfortably meeting budget requirements. The roof was waterproofed providing a seamless, tough, flexible membrane guaranteed for 20 years.