GRP Roofing

GRP roofing, standing for ‘glass reinforced plastic’, is a material made up of polyester resting that’s been reinforced with mat glass fibres to create GRP laminate. GRP roofing is a popular type of roofing material that’s both robust and durable. 

Not only is GRP roofing one of the most popular materials for contractors to use, but it’s incredibly lightweight and flexible, making it easy and straightforward to apply. Although GRP roofing has been used since the 1930s, it’s only begun to be widely used in recent years thanks to far more superior and efficient manufacturing methods.

GRP roofing offers a long life span, from around 20 years to 30 years, in comparison to other roofing materials, which is why it’s proven to be so popular. You can expect GRP roofing to stay completely waterproof if applied correctly, providing low maintenance and easy repairs if needed.

What is GRP Roofing?

What is GRP roofing? GRP roofing is a combination of different materials that make up a waterproof solution that can be applied to roof structures, creating a strong material that lasts for an extensive amount of time. When laid correctly with preformed edge trims, GRP helps direct rainwater to the gutter. 

Having a waterproof system laid on your roof is essential; not only does it protect your roof, but it also helps prevent excess water buildup and damage from occurring during heavy rainfall. When cured, GRP roof kits should maintain a continuous waterproof barrier.

Once the application is applied by trained roofing contractors, the surface of the roof is finished with a top coat. A topcoat fully seals the application of GRP and typically comes in a variety of colours for the homeowner to choose from, however, grey is the standard choice to go for. Here at Restec, we offer a GRP roofing system for both small and large roofing projects. 

The main benefits of GRP roofing are that it provides easy, flame-free installation, superior durability, a smooth finish, and straightforward repairs. In most cases, GRP roofing can be used with all flat roof windows. This type of roofing material is becoming one of the most used applications within the industry.

How Does GRP Roofing Work?

Quality won’t be an issue when it comes to GRP roofing. One of the best options in regard to long-lasting and reliable roofing material, GRP is a fully bonded structure that offers seamless fabrication. No moisture is able to penetrate this specific material, making it ideal for homeowners living in wet climates such as the UK.

In terms of repairs and maintenance, GRP is resistant to cracking, blistering, and rot, so you can rest assured that you’ll see a decrease in your roofing repair costs. Compared to traditional roofing, GRP can be installed both quickly and efficiently, thanks to the cold-applied liquid technique that requires no heat or flames.

GRP is typically made up of two layers, both of which bond together to maintain high performance. GRP is made up of composite materials that are formed together by strengthening plastics with fine fibreglass roofing materials. Large commercial buildings and properties benefit greatly from GRP being applied.

The last layer to be applied, a catalysed resin, helps complete the system. Once the resin is set, a top coat of resin will be placed across the surface to ensure the system is fully waterproofed. These layers, added together, help finalise the GRP roofing system as a whole, allowing your roof to operate with optimal protection in all weather conditions.

Using GRP Roofing Solutions

GRP roofing materials should be applied by contractors, who have been through countless training courses to do so. Although it’s important to have your say on which materials you prefer to use during your roofing project, contractors know best, often advising which materials to go for while keeping your budget in mind. It can be tedious to have to decide which material is best to use, especially if you’re on a strict budget.

In most cases, contractors sit down and weigh up the pros and cons of different application options, taking into account the type of roof structure you have and the weather conditions. Although GRP is widely used around the world, UK residents benefit from this type of system because of its highly waterproof advantages.

Contractors should only apply GRP roofing materials in dry, mild conditions and shouldn’t attempt to apply GRP at temperatures lower than 5 degrees Celsius; this won’t allow the resin and topcoat to cure adequately.

It’s vital to use GRP materials in light, clear environments, not only for safety reasons but also to prevent the top coat from being unable to cure after sunset. To avoid a tacky finish, it’s recommended that you check the temperature of the structural OSB boards. If the wood proves to be too hot (above 30 degrees) the wax in the topcoat could melt.

GRPROOF 1010 at Restec

Here at Restec, we’ve been providing hardwearing materials for numerous years across the market and to roofing contractors in need of reliable solutions. We’ve continued to change the landscape of the liquid waterproofing market, allowing more and more roofing experts to discover and use our quality products.

Our selection of products is manufactured at the highest standard and has proven to provide exceptional results. GRPROOF 1010 is a popular, sought-after product created by Restec. We’ve made our GRP roofing product able to be applied to the most complex projects, from flat roof systems to saltbox roof systems, no matter the size.

GRPROOF1010 is engineered for optimum performance, provides flexible technology, reduces the risks of cracking or flaking, and can achieve a BROOF (t4) Fire Rating for unrestricted use. Our core system components are made up of base resin, top coat, and liquid catalysts.

We provide a wide array of application tools to make the process of installation quick and simple for roofing contractors. To find out more about our selection of GRP roofing materials, feel free to send our expert support team a message today. We look forward to hearing from you in the near future. 

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