Liquid Roofing Systems

When choosing the best system for your roof, liquid solutions take the lead when it comes to a flat roof. Whether you’re applying liquid roofing system to an existing roof structure or one that’s been newly built, you can expect liquid solutions to perform at the highest standard for long periods – roughly 15 to 25 years to be exact.

What are Liquid Roofs

Liquid roofs are a cold-applied system that waterproofs a roofing structure by encapsulating the entire roof surface. Liquid roofing cures to a flexible membrane that adjusts seamlessly to joints, fixings and welds. 

Liquid roofing can be applied to a wide variety of materials, including felt, concrete, and metal to name a few. This type of system provides a robust, hard-wearing solution for flat roofs, skid-inhibiting walkways and balconies. 

Unlike many other roofing solutions, liquid roofs are able to withstand heavy foot traffic – making the solution very suitable for walkways and balconies. Liquid systems are predominantly based on three materials – polyurethane, polyester and bitumen. 

The Advantages of Liquid Roofing

There are a multitude of advantages that come with liquid roofing. Not only do liquid roofs provide a seamless finish and keep your roof fully protected in the harshest weather conditions, but they’ve been proven to keep your roof waterproof for an extensive amount of time in comparison to some other more traditional systems.

Cold-applied liquid roofing is ultimately safer and faster to apply compared to alternatives. You can expect this fast-curing solution to offer both durability and adaptability. Cold-applied roofing solutions are straightforward and easy to apply when completed by trained contractors. 

There’s no use for heating equipment when using the cold-applied method. Not having to use tools such as blowtorches or burners means there’s a much lower chance of fire-related accidents occurring. Unlike other solutions, liquid roofing bonds to the surface of your roof, providing one of the most flawless applications on the market today. 

Strength is incredibly important when it comes to choosing a solution to apply to your roof. Liquid roofing has proven to be one of the strongest materials to use, offering longevity and toughness. Liquid roofs are able to handle tension more effectively, especially when there’s regular foot traffic. 

Seamless roof coatings, such as liquid solutions, tend to stretch during weather fluctuations. Areas such as drains, pipes, and skylights can be tedious to waterproof, but not when you use a liquid solution. Essentially, liquid roofing cures to form a fully waterproof membrane that is elastomeric, helping to protect your roof from water damage and leaks.

Applying Liquid RoofinG

Liquid roofing can fix penetrations, deep cracks, and upstands, with the ability to act as an overlay across existing roof structures that are in need of repair or replacement. Typically, the most common technique for applying liquid roofing solutions is by using a brush, roller, or spray device. 

Due to this system’s easy-to-apply nature, you’ll be able to get into the more challenging, inaccessible roof areas with a simple brush or roller. Providing excellent adhesion to an array of surfaces and chemical resistance, there’s a reason liquid roofing is taking the lead against other products being sold within the merchant market.

Products for Liquid Roofs at Restec

With our extra-tough, impact-resistant, and hard-wearing systems, Restec has changed the landscape of liquid waterproofing systems as more and more roofers discover our wide range of innovative and cost-effective flat roofing products. 

As genuine UK manufacturers who have developed liquid roofing and GRP products for over 35 years, you can rest assured that our support and services are unrivaled in the merchant market, and we pride ourselves on providing instant answers and assistance for any enquiry.

Our flagship product, Flexitec 2020, is a flexible, single-resin GRP system that can be used across all applications. Flexitec 2020 is a combination of the best elements of fibreglass, along with the versatility of overlay systems—no other flat roof system performs at this level across so many applications. 

Every product supplied by Restec Roofing Systems is manufactured exclusively in the United Kingdom to ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 14001 Environmental Management standards. When you partner with Restec, you are partnering with an established and respected British manufacturer with a deep understanding of the roofing market.

We understand the importance of finding the right product for your exposed roofs, which is why we offer support and advice for those that haven’t used our products before. For more information, feel free to send our expert support team a message today here.

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