Liquid Waterproofing For Flat Roofs Best Practices

May 5, 2023

Liquid Waterproofing For Flat Roofs Best Practices

There’s nothing more frustrating than having cracks and leaks in your existing roof. One of the best ways to prevent damage from occurring is by using liquid systems for protection. Flat roofs have become incredibly popular in recent years, with many homeowners choosing this type of roof structure for their home or commercial building.

Flat roofing technology has come a long way. Predominantly used in the 1960s and 70s, flat roofing has become much more advanced in construction and longevity. If you’re experiencing frequent leaks and disruption, there could be a possibility that your flat roof needs to be waterproofed effectively.

Thanks to modern materials such as liquid waterproofing solutions, flat roofs can withstand all weather conditions and last for long periods of time with little upkeep. As time passes, those who own a property or commercial building with a flat roof have found creative ways to innovate their space.

Here at Restec, we are masters in the field when it comes to liquid waterproofing. As a result of that, we’re able to share our knowledge and expertise on the best practices regarding liquid waterproofing systems. To gain more insight into liquid waterproofing flat roofs, continue reading.


Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are commonly found in properties but are also popular in built-up, urban areas and cities. Flat roofs provide easy access and durability. Not only are flat roofs an inexpensive option to go for when it comes to choosing a roof structure at the beginning of your project, but they allow you to utilise the space you have – perhaps by having a balcony or green roof installed.

Although flat roofs look entirely level, they’re constructed at an angle to ensure excess rainwater can drain efficiently. There’s an array of advantageous benefits that come with having a flat roof installed, such as versatility, fast installation, thermal efficiency, easy maintenance and being able to make maximum use of the space your flat roof provides you with.

Although the advantages of having a flat roof outweigh the disadvantages, that’s not to say that this type of roof design has some cons. People tend to worry about drainage issues, appearance and dirt build-up, but these are all factors that can be easily managed with upkeep every now and then when needed.

Cold-applied liquid waterproofing solutions are one of the most popular choices to go for when it comes to choosing an application to protect your flat roof. It’s essential that your roof is able to operate accordingly at all times, allowing your home to stay dry and warm.

Like all roof structures, it’s essential to make sure that your roof is fully waterproof and protected. Your roof is there to act as protection against harsh weather conditions, whether it be wind, rain or snow. It can be challenging to know what solutions can be trusted that are on the market today.

Flat roofs were known for being unreliable and prone to leaking, but nowadays, you can expect to find long-lasting solutions that provide you with a quick, efficient product that keeps your roof waterproofed. For most individuals with a flat roof that’s had liquid roofing applied, you can expect your roof to last for anywhere between 10 to 15 years.


Best Practises for Liquid Roofing

Liquid roofing has advanced over the years, able to be applied over walkways, balconies and flat roofs to name a few. Regardless of the system being applied, it’s crucial to make sure it’s been applied correctly. Professional roofing contractors are trained to perform such jobs, ensuring your liquid solution is applied efficiently to last.

There are many important steps to follow when applying a waterproofing membrane – if these steps fail to be met at the right standard, issues could arise further down the line, which can be inconvenient and costly. Liquid waterproof solutions protect your home from water damage, acting as a barrier between rainwater and the internal structure of your roof.

There are many liquid roofing solutions available on the market today, and it’s crucial that your roof type is provided with the best-suited product if you want your roof to remain protected for a long period. Trained professionals should be able to apply liquid solutions efficiently using the right tools.


Liquid Waterproofing at Restec

Restec has changed the landscape of the liquid waterproofing market, with more and more roofers being able to discover and utilise our specialist products. Our wide range of innovative flat roofing products is sold across the merchant market, ideal for both roofing contractors and builders.

Here at Restec, we provide tough, impact-resistant and hardwearing systems. You can rest assured that our products are some of the best sold on the market today. Our team consist of some of the most experienced and respected individuals who specialise in a broad range of sectors.

Our products are manufactured exclusively in the UK to ISO 9001 Quality Management standards. We have a deep understanding of the roofing market – if you’re in need of additional information about our selection of products, the Restec team will be happy to give you the support and guidance you need.

Flexitec 2020 is our flagship product, ideal for all applications. A single resin GRP system that’s revolutionised the liquid roofing industry, Flexitec 2020 is the perfect combination of fibreglass with the versatility of overlay systems. There’s no other solution that performs at the same level that Flexitec 2020 does across such a vast array of applications.

GRPROOF 1010, Resgrip and Acryltex 475 are among the list of high-quality products manufactured by Restec. We pride ourselves on our fast response and instant answers regarding enquiries and concerns – to find out more information about our wide range of products, feel free to send our expert support team a message today here.

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