Outlining The Benefits of GRP Roof Kits

July 28, 2023

Outlining The Benefits of GRP Roof Kits

GRP (glass-reinforced plastic) is a durable, long-lasting and fully waterproof composite material that’s widely used around the globe across various flat surfaces. A popular roofing material, GRP has proven to be one of the best solutions within the roofing industry.

Using GRP for your projects comes with an array of benefits, helping both homeowners and commercial building owners to fully protect their roofs.

In comparison to more traditional roofing materials, GRP offers a streamlined installation. GRP is known for being one of the toughest roofing systems, providing longevity and reliability. You can expect your roof structure, new or old, to remain protected against the harshest conditions.

In most cases, GRP roof kits are conveniently bought to provide users with everything they need to complete their installation in the most efficient way possible.

Roof kits are equipped with all the necessary tools you’ll need to perform your application, with detailed instructions and high-quality materials. To find out the benefits of GRP roof kits, continue reading.


Everything You Need to Know About GRP

GRP is commonly used in flat roofing, but can also be applied across other flat-surface projects. You can use GRP solutions on balconies, terraces, porches, canopies, dormers, bay windows, conservatories, garages and extensions to name a few. A versatile product within the industry, GRP continues to prove its excellence after every use.

GRP is commonly known as fibreglass roofing and has been used by contractors for decades. GRP solutions have changed massively over time, now offering more durable and hard-wearing attributes compared to older, less-developed solutions. You can expect GRP to perform incredibly well, providing a neat, seamless application each time.

First used for boat hulls, GRP is the ideal solution to use if you’re looking to achieve a smooth, even surface. British weather is unpredictable at the best of times, making GRP the ideal solution to use.

UK homeowners know too well how often wet and windy conditions can occur. GRP systems can be trusted to protect your structure and keep your home or building fully waterproof for long periods of time.

No matter the project you’re working on, you’ll be glad to know that GRP can be used successfully across industrial building structures and smaller properties. Regardless of the size and complexity of the surface you’re working on, you can rest assured that GRP will offer the same benefits.


The Benefits of GRP Roof Kits

GRP is a non-conductive material, with excellent resistance to abrasion, chemicals and corrosion. The solution itself is typically made from tiny fibres and small strands of glass.

These fibres are flexible and tough, woven together to create a strong material suitable for application. In regard to flat roofing projects, it’s not unusual to find tedious crevices and awkward angles that need to be covered.

The versatility of GRP allows you to cover problematic areas across your roof with ease. There’s nothing better than giving your roof a new lease of life, especially if you’re unable to replace your existing roof structure right now.

If you’re using a roof kit for the first time and haven’t used GRP products before, it can be hard knowing what equipment you’ll need to buy.

Roof kits come with all the necessary tools to complete your application. GRP itself is low maintenance and doesn’t require much upkeep. If you’re able to use a GRP roof successfully, you won’t have to worry about re-sealing or re-patching.

A well-installed GRP surface won’t leak – even during the heaviest downpours. Amazingly, there are still boats being used today from the 1950s that have GRP applied. Usually, GRP roofs last for up to 25 years, but this varies.


Restec GRP Roof Kit

We understand the difficulties of finding a durable GRP roof kit. Here at Restec, we’ve dedicated time and effort to manufacturing a one-of-a-kind GRP roof kit for both personal use and work purposes. Our liquid roofing products are some of the best on the market.

Primarily bought by builders and roofing contractors, our GRPROOF 1010 Roof Kit is created with excellence and convenience in mind. Although our products are targeted towards individuals working within the construction or roofing industry, we encourage everyone to look into the benefits of our GRP roof kit.

Whether you’re in need of a specialised roof kit for a one-off installation or for an upcoming roofing project, our GRPROOF 1010 Roof Kit is equipped with everything you need to complete a roof area of up to 10m2. Each of our GRP kits contains the following contents:

  • 1x GRPROOF1010 base resin (1.4kg)
  • 1x GRPROOF1010 top coat (7kg)
  • 1x Restec liquid catalyst (1kg)
  • 1x Restec 450g/m2 CSM (1.1m2) – packed separately
  • 1x Restec taping mat
  • 1x Restec finishing tissue
  • 1x GRPROOF1010 application manual

If you’d like to find out more about our GRPROOF1010 Roof Kit, don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team for more information. At Restec, we care deeply for our customers and want to ensure they’re able to purchase the appropriate product for their roofing project. You can contact us here.

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