The Benefits of Warm Roof Systems

May 26, 2023

The Benefits of Warm Roof Systems

Both warm and cold roofs come with many benefits. Warm roofs are particularly popular in the UK, providing excellent thermal insulation. Warm roofs are ideal for homeowners looking to save on energy bills. Many individuals choose a warm roof over a cold roof for sustainability reasons, too.

It can be hard to understand the differences between warm and cold roofs, but you should be informed with enough information and guidance by your contractors prior to starting your roofing project. To find out the key benefits of warm roof systems, read on.


What is a Warm Roof System?

What is a warm roof? A warm roof is a type of roof that is specifically designed to conserve heat for long periods. The roof structure is made by placing insulation above the roof deck as opposed to positioning it between the rafters. Typically, warm roofs are best suited for properties located in colder climates.

There aren’t many downsides to warm roofs, but they do cost more to install than cold roofs. A warm roofing system works by keeping both the rafters and roof deck insulated. It can be hard to maintain heat throughout your property if you don’t have a warm roof system in place.

Warm roofs are straightforward to install if the existing roof deck is in good condition. If your roof is suitable for a warm roof to be installed, the chances of any problems occurring during the building process are slim.


Warm Roofs vs Cold Roofs

There are plenty of factors to consider when choosing between a warm or cold roof. Both roofing systems are great in their own ways, suiting some properties more than others. When it comes to picking either a warm or cold roof system, it all comes down to how much insulation your home requires.


Warm Roofs

In terms of depth, warm roofs require additional depth as the insulation layer is positioned between the joists on a cold roof – this means that no additional height is added to your existing roof structure. Insulation is laid above something known as the substrate layer, which makes the roof deeper.

There’s less chance of thermal bridging – this is because the warm roof structure is on the warmer side of the insulation. Warm roof structures don’t require ventilation, as there should be no moisture or condensation once your warm roof is installed.

Apart from fully supported metal roofing, warm roof systems are compatible with most roof coverings and provide great thermal efficiency. The vapour control layer – a plastic layer that helps restrict any movement of warm or moist air from a property, is bonded on top of the substrate layer of a warm roof.


Cold Roofs

Cold roofs are great for those living in locations prone to warmer temperatures. Insulation is within the structure, which means that certain elements can become a source of thermal bridging. All cold roof systems should be ventilated in accordance with BS5250.

Unlike a warm roof, the vapour control layer is punctured into the roof construction where the internal surfaces are fixed in place. This often means that there’s a greater possibility of moisture being permeated.

Cold roofs are suitable for foot traffic and decking, providing an excellent supporting layer for plants and foliage. In regards to compatibility with various roof coverings, cold roofs can be used with all types.


The Benefits of Having a Warm Roof System

There are plenty of benefits to having a warm roof system. Warm roofs will keep your property warm for long periods, which is great if you’re worried about rising energy bills over the winter months.

Roof structures such as cold roofs are prone to moisture buildup, which can lead to mould or fungal growth. Warm roofs are completely breathable and can be retrofitted with little to no complications (fitted over the existing roof).

It’s clear to see why so many homeowners in the UK choose warm roofs. Long term, there are more advantages to having a warm roof structure than any other. This specific roof type provides warmth to the whole house and is cost-effective. The simple design of a warm roof makes the structure easy to install, which is why so many people opt for this roof type.


Restec Products for Flat Roofs

We supply products directly to the merchant market, offering a plethora of products suitable for an array of roof types. Here at Restec, we provide impact-resistant and hardwearing systems. We have changed the landscape of the liquid waterproofing market, allowing professional roofers and builders to make use of our innovative flat roofing products.

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We remain on hand to answer any ongoing questions or queries. Our team pride themselves on providing expert assistance to those that require it. From our North Wales-based headquarters to both UK and international flat-roofing markets, our products are popularly used.

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