Types Of Flat Roof Construction (Best Options To Suit You)

June 14, 2023

Types Of Flat Roof Construction (Best Options To Suit You)

Knowing which flat roof construction works best for your home can be difficult. There’s a wide variety of roofing terms and flat roof constructions to choose from, which can be a minefield for some to get their head around. Compared to other roof structures, flat roofs are one of the more affordable options to go for, making them a favoured choice for homeowners.

Flat roof constructions are an alternative to traditional roof types, having become increasingly popular over the years. In terms of maintenance and versatility, flat roofs are easy to clean and more energy-efficient. The style of roof you go for all comes down to how you want your home to look externally and what benefits you the most.

There are plenty of factors to consider before going ahead and having a flat roof installed. If you’d like to find out more information about the different types of flat roof construction and the best options, continue reading.


The Best Flat Roof Construction

The type of flat roof construction you go for depends on several aspects. What works for other homeowners might not work best for you – talking with a team of roofing professionals is the best place to start. Technically speaking, flat roofs aren’t completely flat. For flat roofs to operate efficiently, they need to be constructed with a slight slope.

Completely flat roofs simply wouldn’t be able to perform. A slope helps to prevent excess rainwater from building up on top of your flat roof. Regarding cost-efficiency, flat roof construction takes up less space, meaning fewer materials are required. No flat roof construction can be complete without a sturdy, well-constructed structural deck.


Structural Deck

The structural deck of a flat roof is the construction that forms the roof. The structural deck must be built with ultimate performance and the ability to withstand heavy materials and weight. The stronger the structural deck is, the less sagging will occur.

Plywood, timber board and strand board are some of the most common materials used to build structural decks, but concrete can also be used in commercial properties. It’s important to research and get advice from specialists before having a structural deck constructed – cheap materials such as chipboard have the potential to absorb moisture, creating problems in the long run.


Flat Roof Coverings

Modern flat roofs are made up of a variety of hard-wearing materials. Like all roof constructions, your flat roof must be installed with the highest quality in mind by trained contractors who have a wealth of knowledge and experience within the roofing industry.

A faulty roof construction comes with disadvantages and can cost a large sum of money to get fixed. So, what’s most efficient to cover your flat roof with? Let’s break down the options to choose from.


Liquid Roofing

Liquid roofing systems are one of the most popular options to go for when it comes to protecting your flat roof. Although flat roofs are pretty simple to construct, complexities can get in the way. Liquid roofing is ideal for homeowners in need of a robust, long-lasting, durable solution to fully waterproof their flat roof structure. Liquid solutions are predominantly found on flat roofs, balconies, walkways and terraces.

Perfect for new build flat roof projects or refurbishments, liquid roofing guarantees an extended life span and can be applied across more difficult areas of your roof such as drains, cracks and holes. Liquid roofing is known for its reliability and capacity to save failing systems.


Green Roofs

From an environmental perspective, green roofs are a great option to go for if you’re looking to cover your flat roof. Installing sedum across your flat roof is incredibly eco-friendly and promotes biodiversity whilst attracting various wildlife species. Here at Restec, we recommend applying our liquid solutions such as Flexitec 2020 and GRPROOF 1010 at the base of your green roof.

Green roofs can be installed in both small and large building types. On a wider scale, green roofs work best in city environments, helping improve air quality by absorbing pollutants and reducing the urban heat island effect. You can rest assured that green roofs maintain internal heat and keep your building warm for long periods, which is great in terms of energy efficiency.


Flat Roof Applications at Restec

Flat roofs are used in homes, large commercial buildings, extensions and garages. If you’ve been inspired to install a flat roof, you’ll be glad to know that here at Restec, we offer a wide range of flat roof applications that protect your structure long-term. We have a wealth of experience within the industry, which has allowed us to provide excellent products for roofing contractors to utilise.

Our systems are ideal for contractors to use on roofing projects. Highly trained professionals operating in the field have praised our products. We provide a range of cold liquid applied systems that are ideal for flat roofs. Whether you’re building a new flat roof or refurbishing your pre-existing structure, our cold liquid applied systems would benefit you greatly.

We understand the difficulties associated with flat roof refurbishments. To find out more information about our wide range of products, feel free to send our expert support team a message today here.

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