What GRP Roofing Materials Do I Need?

September 20, 2023

What GRP Roofing Materials Do I Need?

Regarding roofing materials, one option that has gained popularity in recent years is GRP, which stands for Glass Reinforced Plastic. GRP roofing offers a durable and long-lasting solution for your roofing needs, but understanding what fibreglass roofing supplies you need can be overwhelming.

GRP roofing solutions should be applied by trained professionals. The better your GRP is applied, the longer it will last. Applying GRP is relatively safe and straightforward, offering many conveniences. GRP is popular among UK homeowners; it’s a waterproof and weather-resistant surface that fully protects your home.

Roofing professionals who undertake projects on your property typically arrive well-prepared with the essential tools and equipment. However, gaining insights into the optimal equipment choices for achieving a seamless end result is valuable. To find out more about essential GRP roofing materials, continue reading.


Understanding GRP Roofing

Before we dive into the materials, let’s briefly explain what GRP roofing is and why it’s a great choice for your roof. GRP roofing, commonly known as fibreglass roofing, is a system that uses layers of reinforced fibreglass matting to create a waterproof surface that protects your roof structure.

GRP roofing is known for its incredible strength, durability and ability to withstand some of the harshest weather conditions. Unfortunately, living in the UK means having to endure rainy forecasts; GRP is watertight and prevents your roof from leaking or becoming damaged by various weather types.

Although GRP is predominantly used on flat roofs, it can also be used across balconies, dormers, porches, terraces, garages and bay windows to name a few. Its versatility makes it an attractive option for both residential and commercial properties.

GRP is a great roof system to consider. With excellent cure time and easy installation benefits, GRP is overtaking many older, traditional roof solutions.


Essential GRP Roofing Materials

Choosing a GRP solution comes with many advantages. GRP itself is durable, waterproof, low maintenance, weather resistant, versatile and energy efficient. There’s an array of roofing materials that should be used when using GRP; let’s take a look at some of the essential GRP roofing materials that you’ll need for your next installation.


Fibreglass Matting

The core of GRP roofing is fibreglass matting, which provides structural strength to the overall system. It’s vital that you choose a high-quality matting that is specifically designed for roofing applications. Typically, the matting comes in rolls or sheets; you’ll need enough to fully cover the size of the roof you’re working on.


Resin Solution

Resin is used to saturate the fibreglass matting and create a waterproof barrier. Essentially, the resin forms the bottom layer of the installation. You can buy resin in different size quantities; like all equipment needed for GRP installation, it’s important to have the right amount ready after applying fibreglass matting.



To initiate the curing process of the resin, a catalyst is used. The catalyst is mixed with resin, but it’s vital that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use the correct proportions. If you fail to mix in your catalyst efficiently, the curing process could be damaged.



Topcoat is an essential part of the GRP installation process. Once the topcoat is applied, a protective barrier is formed. When the topcoat is set, it provides a weatherproof finish, acting as an extra layer of protection against challenging weather conditions and UV rays. Choosing a high-quality top coat is crucial for the longevity of your roof.


Additional Tools

Application is just as important as having the right materials. Using the right tools is crucial for a successful installation. Some essential roofing tools include a roofing roller, a roofing paddle roller and brushes. When installed correctly, a GRP roof can offer great insulation and energy efficiency. Let’s look at why using high-quality materials is key.



Using the correct roofing tools ensures precision and accuracy in your work. Roofing involves intricate details, such as sealing edges and securing materials. The right tools facilitate these tasks, leading to a neat and watertight finish.



Using suitable tools streamlines the roofing process massively, making the whole installation more efficient. This efficiency not only saves time but also minimises the chance of disruptions occurring.


Risk Reduction

Apart from using high-quality materials and equipment, it’s crucial that you invest time in finding ways to increase safety during the GRP installation process. Wearing PPE is a great way to ensure safety is prioritised. Roofing harnesses, safety lanyards and roofing boots could also be considered essential equipment.


Professional Finish

Roofing tools are designed for specific tasks. Using the correct tools gives your project a professional, seamless finish. A well-finished roof not only looks good but also performs better in terms of weather resistance and longevity.

Purchasing the right tools for your roofing project provides peace of mind. It boosts your confidence in the project’s success and ensures that you are well-prepared for any challenges. Getting these tools might have an initial expense, but it can result in cost savings in the long term.


GRP Roofing Materials at Restec

We offer a range of GRP roofing materials here at Restec. GRPROOF1010 is a durable, waterproof solution for any flat roof. No matter how big or small your project is, GRPROOF1010 is ideal to use. This popular product is widely sold across the merchant market, proving popular amongst many roofing contractors who operate in an array of different locations up and down the country.

Our flagship product, Flexitec2020 has revolutionised the liquid roofing industry massively. It’s a single resin GRP system that has a full overlay and new deck capabilities.

Flexitec2020 combines the best elements of fibreglass with overlay systems and offers users a seamless, flexible membrane for roof and balcony areas. We also offer roof kits, which are ideal for avid DIYers and contractors. To find out more, contact us at 0845 4504 193.

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