What is a Flat Roof Extension?

April 21, 2023

What is a Flat Roof Extension?

Many homes and commercial properties have flat roof extensions. Flat roof extensions are a durable option and are an efficient way to increase space in your home at a lower cost. Extensions, in general, are a great way to add property value and are one of the best ways to improve living space without having to move homes.

A symbol in big cities such as New York, flat roofs rose to popularity. Providing additional space to hang out laundry and socialise with friends. By the 1920s, flat roofs became well-established in the world of architecture.

Flat roof extensions don’t have to be designed on a large scale – you can design your extension to suit your needs and requirements. Maybe you want to extend your kitchen area or create another room to be able to socialise in. The flat roof extension cost varies depending on the size of your project and the materials used.

Flat roof extensions allow faster installation and easy maintenance. You can create a modern and stylish appearance to your extension by adding a roof light, which you can also find on pitched roof extensions too.

Flat roof lights open up your space and allow light to flood into your room, which is ideal if you want exposure to natural light. Restec liquid waterproofing systems provide peace of mind that your flat roof extension will remain completely waterproof.


Flat Roof Applications at Restec

Here at Restec, we provide customers with extra tough, impact resistant and hardwearing systems. Leading the way in the waterproofing market, more roofing contractors and builders are able to utilise our specialist products. Our innovative flat roofing products can be used across an array of applications.


Flexitec 2020

FLEXITEC 2020 is a flexible, single resin GRP system that has revolutionised the liquid roofing industry with full overlay and new deck capabilities. Combining the best elements of fibreglass with the versatility of overlay systems, no other flat roof system performs at this level across so many applications. FLEXITEC 2020 provides a seamless, tough and flexible membrane for any flat roof or balcony area.



GRPROOF 1010 is perfect for both small and large flat roof structures. Its inter-coat adhesion doesn’t flake or become delaminated, reducing the risk of cracking. Engineered for optimum roofing performance, GRPROOF 1010 is able to achieve B Roof(t4) Fire Rating for unrestricted use. Ensuring your flat roof is completely waterproof is essential. GRPROOF 1010 is ideal for waterproofing all flat roof types, including balconies, bay windows, garage extensions and dormers.


Acryltex 475

Ideal for quick flat roof repairs, Acryltex 475 is fully waterproof and ready to use straight from the tin. Acryltex 475 can cover small holes and crevasses, making it a go-to product for maintenance work. Containing fibres that provide extra strength and durability, Acryltex 475 can also be used on an array of other roofing structures, including pitched roofs and gutters.


Why Choose Restec?

Based in North Wales, Restec produces specialist cold-applied liquid roofing solutions for the flat roofing markets. Restec has changed the landscape of the liquid waterproofing market as more and more roofers discover our products. We pride ourselves on providing instant answers and guidance when it comes to choosing from our wide range of products.

The Restec team consist of some of the most experienced individuals – all of which are highly respected in their field of work. We work across numerous sectors up and down the country, building and maintaining the best reputation possible.

You can rest assured knowing that our systems are manufactured exclusively in the UK to ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 14001 Environmental Management standards. To find out more information about our wide range of products, feel free to send our expert support team a message today here.

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