What Is A Green Roof? A Comprehensive Guide

April 28, 2023

What Is A Green Roof? A Comprehensive Guide

Green roofs are ideal for those who want an alternative roofing structure. With an abundance of commercial businesses and homeowners becoming aware of the extensive list of advantages that green roofing systems offer, this eco-friendly roofing system is widely used across the globe.

Having a green space on your rooftop not only looks great but offers a modern and unique appearance compared to a regular roof. Restec’s liquid roofing membranes are seamless, maintenance-free, lightweight and exceptionally long-lasting making our systems the ideal green roof base.


What is a Green Roof?

A green roofing system is found on the roof of a commercial building or home, typically covered in growing medium or vegetation. Best applied over liquid roofing solutions, green roofs come with an array of environmental benefits and reduce energy costs by creating natural insulation.

Having become increasingly popular in recent years, green roofs are ideal if you’re wanting to not only improve the aesthetic of your home’s exterior but also improve biodiversity. Most beneficial in urban areas, green roofs improve air quality by absorbing pollutants. This type of roofing system is advantageous for accommodation constructions and helps many buildings with noise reduction.

Regardless of your establishment, a green roof would be an excellent addition to your existing roof structure. This sustainable roofing system can withstand an array of weather conditions with efficient stormwater management.


The Benefits of Green Roofs

A green roof can be applied on both new builds and refurbishment projects. Green roofs help to improve the lifespan of your existing roof. They protect the waterproof membrane beneath the greenery, acting as an additional barrier to keep your membrane in the best condition possible for long periods of time.

Without a doubt, one of the best advantages of having a green roof is the increased thermal performance. It’s common to lose heat throughout winter. However, with this installation type, you can rest assured that you’ll have natural insulation during the colder months.

As we evolve into the future, we should be aiming to make changes in our lives to better the state of the planet – a great way to start is by having a green roof installed at your home or business. Green roofs support wildlife habitats, acting as an ecosystem for birds and insects to flourish.

Depending on the variation of foliage, you could potentially be accountable for helping a variety of different species. It’s great knowing that you’re doing your part to help the environment – choosing a green roof system is one of the best ways to be sustainable in your home.

Carbon dioxide is a well-known contributing factor to climate change, and by having an environmentally-friendly roofing system installed, you’ll be able to lower both your carbon footprint and the urban heat island effect substantially. Making small changes and eco-conscious decisions will help future generations to come.


Why Choose Restec Products

Our liquid roofing solutions are applied underneath the vegetation of your roof to ensure the structure of your roof has a prolonged life span. Restec is a genuine UK manufacturer that has been developing liquid roofing solutions for over 35 years.

You can rest assured that our support, dedication and ambition for the roofing industry is second to none. If you’d like to talk further with a member of our team about our products and services, feel free to contact us today here.

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