What-is-GRP-Roofing?-A Guide

August 18, 2023

What is GRP Roofing? A Guide

GRP stands for Glass Reinforced Plastic. It’s a strong, versatile and temperature-resistant material that’s used on an array of flat-surfaced buildings across the globe. It can be applied to surfaces with tedious curvatures with complex shapes and structures. Compared to traditional materials, GRP is both cost-effective and long-lasting.

Having first made an appearance within the roofing industry during the 1940s, GRP has been incredibly popular among contractors in the UK. Initially used on boats, GRP has advanced drastically, becoming the go-to solution for roofing projects.

Invented by Russel Games, GRP has come a long way since it was first used. Once its high strength, robustness and durability were recognised, it was soon in demand. Fast forward to 2023, and GRP flat roofing is incredibly superior. For more information about GRP roofing, continue reading.


How Does GRP Work? Change

GRP roofing systems are lightweight, single-ply membranes that are typically applied across secured decking boards. GRP is formed with materials including resin, fibreglass matting and topcoat. GRP should be applied correctly in order to achieve a seamless finish. Once applied correctly, you can expect GRP roofs to last between 20 to 25 years.

GRP works to protect the structure of your home or commercial building. Due to its strong waterproof properties, GRP can fully ensure that your property remains safe during harsh weather conditions. When GRP cures, it becomes a resistant, hard-wearing membrane that can endure regular foot traffic.

It’s common for all surfaces to deteriorate over time; however, regular maintenance and care can keep your GRP roof lasting for longer. In regard to repairs, GRP roofs are immune to cracking and rot, which means you won’t have to worry about frequent repair costs.

The solution itself is fully bonded, offering a smooth fabrication. If you reside in the UK, you’ll know how tedious the weather can be. Moisture isn’t able to penetrate GRP roofs, making it the ideal solution for your flat roof if you reside in wetter climates.

Although GRP roofing is popular among homeowners, commercial buildings benefit the most. GRP can be applied across both small and large areas, including balconies, porches, bay windows, garages, extensions and dormers.


The Benefits of Using GRP

There’s an array of benefits that come with using GRP over other materials. When other materials can be too heavy or expensive, GRP is a great option to consider. GRP also works effectively on green roofs, with the ability to mould to complex roof shapes.

A great attribute of GRP is its ability to remain unaffected by UV. Although fading can occur, it’s only likely to happen if you’ve had your GRP roof for some time. In terms of installation, GRP is relatively straightforward to apply.

It’s only possible to apply GRP in dry conditions; failing to do so can slow the process down massively, so planning the application beforehand is key. For a seamless liquid roof installation and neat appearance, GRP is your go-to.

In most cases, you’ll be able to choose GRP solutions in a variety of colours, which allows you to personalise your roof to your desired style. In comparison to EPDM roofing, GRP wins with its visual appeal.



More homes are being built with sustainability in mind. GRP offers a great environmental profile, using less energy during production than other well-known materials. It’s common for roofing materials to impact the environment with their harmful substance, but GRP doesn’t.

Due to the incredible durability of GRP, constant replacement isn’t necessary, which ultimately results in less wastage and cost. GRP can be applied underneath green roofs to offer excellent protection.

Green roofs are one of the most environmentally friendly applications to have on your roof, aiding wildlife and helping ecosystems thrive. When GRP roofs come to their final days, the unusable GRP flat roof materials can be broken down and transformed into recyclable materials.


GRP Application

GRP applications are simple to perform if you’re a professional working within the industry. Prior to application, it’s important for contractors to assess the space they’re working with in order to understand the length of time it’ll take to complete. If you’re unable to finish the application during light and clear conditions, the top coat will fail to cure properly.

There are plenty of aspects to look into before applying GRP systems. If the structural OSB boards are over 30 degrees, they’ll be too hot for GRP to be applied to. Making a small mistake during the installation process can be detrimental to the roofing project as a whole.

GRP should be applied by trained roofing contractors or builders. Failing to understand how to apply GRP can result in tedious repairs or overall replacement. However, if your GRP roof has minor repairs that need to be completed, you can find a selection of roofing kits available for independent use, regardless of how much experience you might have.


GRP Roofing Products at Restec

If you’ve found this blog useful for future GRP roofing projects, the chances are you’ll be on the hunt for efficient GRP products to use. Here at Restec, we not only provide all the relevant information necessary about GRP roofing, but we also offer a selection of the highest quality GRP products available.

We’ve continued to change the landscape of liquid roofing, creating reliable solutions for those working in the industry to utilise. Proven to provide outstanding results, one of our most popular products, GRPROOF 1010 has become highly sought after across the merchant market.

GRPROOF 1010 offers high performance and flexibility. It reduces risks of cracking and flaking, whilst ensuring your roof stays protected at all times. Our core system components include base resin, top coat and liquid catalysts; all the vital products you need to complete your GRP roofing project.

If you’d like additional information about GRP roofing or want to find out more about our specialist products, don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team today here.

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