What Is Liquid Roofing?

July 7, 2023

What Is Liquid Roofing?

Liquid roofing has become increasingly popular in recent years. There’s a multitude of benefits that come with using liquid roofing over more outdated methods. Not only is liquid roofing reliable and long-lasting but it’s proven to provide a completely seamless application.

Whether your new or existing roof needs waterproofing, you can trust liquid roofing applications to protect your roof structure in the most efficient way. Liquid roofing is cost-effective and hard-wearing, able to withstand an array of harsh weather conditions.

Having a great roofing system in place helps give peace of mind and reassurance that your home or commercial building is protected at all times.

As liquid roofing becomes more popular, contractors are learning more about this versatile solution. It’s important to know all the relevant information about liquid roofing before applying. To find out more about liquid roofing, read on.


Everything You Need to Know About Liquid Roofing

If you’re looking for the ideal solution to apply to your roof, liquid roofing takes the lead. You can expect longevity when you choose liquid roofing solutions – with most solutions lasting around 25 years.

Liquid roofing can be applied across roofs, balconies, car parks and walkways to name a few. Trained contractors with minor inconveniences can easily apply this versatile solution.

The speed and ease with which liquid roofing can be applied are some of the most advantageous benefits. Metal, asbestos, concrete and felt are safe to have liquid roofing applications.

As liquid roofing is suitable to be applied over most materials, more homeowners and commercial building owners are choosing liquid solutions to fully waterproof their properties.

Due to its flexible consistency, liquid roofing can adjust to the shape of seams, joints and fixings. Liquid roofing is one of the most protective applications, which contributes to its rise in popularity. Typically, liquid roofing is made up of natural bitumen, polyester or polyurethane.

Most liquid solutions are able to withstand heavy foot traffic once cured accordingly. Although the life expectancy of liquid roofing applications varies, it typically lasts between 5 to 30 years – however, this is based on both maintenance and weather conditions. Applied on flat surfaces, liquid roofing systems are easy to clean and upkeep, which ultimately contributes to the lifespan.


The Benefits of Liquid Roofing

There are plenty of benefits that come with having a liquid waterproofing system. Liquid roofing systems essentially provide your roof with an efficient waterproof coating, which protects your roof from various weather conditions for a long period of time. This type of liquid solution is completely seamless and gives your roof a neat appearance.

When applied cold, liquid roofing reduces the insurance cost of the building and makes the application safer for contractors compared to other solutions that require heat. You can expect your liquid roof to trap heat and remain fully durable.

Liquid roof coatings are fast curing, making them resistant to frequent foot traffic once set, building movement stress and thermal fluctuation. Regardless of the shape or size of your roof, liquid roofing can be applied with quick coverage – ensuring all roof details and features are coated. You can trust liquid roofing to provide the best coverage, even if your roof is a more complex design.


Applying Liquid Roof Solutions

Cold-applied liquid roofing is one of the best waterproof membranes on the market. Typically applied with a roller brush, liquid solutions are simple to apply if done correctly by a trained professional. Liquid solutions can be applied to various surfaces, including balconies, walkways, green roofs and flat roofs.

It’s common for roofs to be subject to wear and tear over time, especially if you’ve had the same roof structure for a long time. Liquid roofing systems offer seamless coverage that can fix penetrations and cracks.

Whether you own a warm or cold roof, you can rest assured that liquid roofing will be a suitable choice. If you’re stripping out your existing roof due to a failing system, liquid roofing can provide an efficient solution.

Knowing how to apply liquid roofing comes with experience. If you’re a contractor looking to improve your skills and learn new techniques for applying liquid roofing, we recommend browsing our selection of application tools here at Restec. It’s essential that liquid roofing applications are done in the correct manner – to gain a seamless finish, it’s vital to use quality tools.


Liquid Roofing at Restec

Liquid roofing is something we specialise in here at Restec. Having been in the industry for numerous years, it’s clear that our hard work and dedication have paid off. We’ve been able to provide our customers with some of the best liquid roofing solutions that are on the market today.

Both trained roofing contractors and builders have favoured our products, repeatedly choosing Restec when it comes to picking a solution for their next roofing project.

Our systems are hard-wearing and impact-resistant. You can rest assured that our products will provide the most seamless finish, coating the most complex roof structures in the simplest way possible. Our team remains on hand at all times to ensure our customers are able to purchase the product best suited to their needs.

Our flagship product, Flexitec 2020 is ideal for an array of applications – proving to be our most versatile product. Flexitec 2020 is made up of a combination of fibreglass and overlay systems, which allows your roof to operate at the highest level.

This popular liquid solution that’s been manufactured by our team is a single resin GRP system that’s revolutionised the liquid roofing industry.

We also offer a wide range of other products including GRPROOF 1010, Acryltex 475 and Resgrip. Each of our products is created with quality in mind at all times.

Our aim is to provide customers with the greatest product that they’ll want to use over and over again. To find out more information about our selection of liquid roofing products, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the Restec team today.

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