What Roofing Tools Do I Need?

October 20, 2023

What Roofing Tools Do I Need?

When it comes to tackling a roofing project, having the right tools at your disposal is essential. Whether you’re a seasoned roofer or a DIY enthusiast looking to repair or replace a roof, having the necessary tools can make the job easier, safer, and more efficient.

If you’re yet to complete a roofing project, it might be difficult to know which tools you need. It’s best to research online to find out which tools you require for certain projects. Alternatively, if you’re unsure what process you need to follow and what tools you need for your next project, attending a training day in your local area could be in your best interest. To find out more, continue reading.


Why Are Using the Right Roofing Tools so Important?

Using the correct roofing tools is just as important as using the right roofing products. For an efficient, well-done job, it’s best to use high-quality tools and materials. When roofing contractors use the appropriate tools, they can achieve better results; this is essential for the longevity and durability of a roof.

The right tools ensure the safety of roofers and anyone else on the job site. Inadequate or inappropriate tools can lead to accidents and injuries. Safety is paramount in the construction industry and having the right tools minimises risks occurring. With less damage comes lower costs. If using the incorrect tools leads to damage, you’ll have to spend more money during your project on making corrections.

When roofing projects are completed efficiently and with high quality in mind, customers are more likely to be satisfied. It’s crucial to complete all roofing projects with efficiency and precision, regardless of whether it’s a DIY project or a job for a client.

If you work within the roofing industry, having the correct tools on hand shows that you’re organised and well-prepared. This proves you’re knowledgeable in your role and know what you’re doing, which gives the client confidence.


What Tools Do You Need?

There’s an array of different tools you need for various projects. The type of tools you require can change depending on numerous factors, including the type of roof you’re working on and what roof system you’re installing.

Higher-quality tools will always perform better than cheaper options; if you’re on a budget, it might be worth considering spending a little more on quality equipment to ensure your project is completed at the best possible standard. Let’s take a look at what tools might be required.


Safety Tools

Safety should be a top priority, for both the workers and the people around them. Having safety tools is vital. A safety harness and lanyard are advised to prevent falls from roofs. Investing in premium equipment and ensuring proper fitting and adjustment is essential before commencing work.

Non-slip footwear, gloves, safety glasses and hard hats are some essential safety equipment to consider purchasing. Prioritising safety is beneficial for everyone involved in the project.


Measurement Tools

Accurate measurements and precise layout are essential for ensuring your roofing project goes according to plan. If you fail to provide the right measurements, the whole project could be jeopardised.

Whether you use a handy tape measure, chalk, spray paint or a string line, make sure you’re accurate with your measurements. It’s best to have more than one person help during this stage, as it takes time and precision to get detailed measurements.


Cutting Tools

Whether you need cutting tools to remove a previous installation or to use throughout your project, there are a number of cutting tools you can use to help make precise cuts with ease; including a utility knife. It’s important to prioritise safety when using cutting tools; we recommend wearing gloves whilst using sharp equipment.


Roofing Materials

What roofing materials you need depends on what type of system you’re having installed. Generally, more homeowners and commercial building owners are choosing liquid roofing solutions over traditional roofing materials.

Liquid roofing is easy to install and comes with an array of benefits. The installation process is relatively streamlined and more often than not, doesn’t require heat equipment. This makes liquid roofing a much safer alternative.


Liquid Roofing Tools

In the UK, liquid roofing is a common method for waterproofing and protecting roofs. Liquid roof membrane protects your home for long periods of time. To carry out liquid roofing work, you’ll need several tools and materials. Safety gear is required when using liquid roofing, so it’s crucial to have protective eyewear, gloves and a hard hat ready before installation.

For liquid roofing, you’ll need quality resin, primer, sealer and CSM fibreglass (if required). You’ll also need tools to complete your liquid roofing project efficiently, such as paint brushes, rollers, buckets and an extendable pole to help cover larger roof areas. Most liquid roofing solutions can be used across a wide range of surfaces, but they’re predominantly used on flat roofs.

When you compare liquid roofing to traditional materials, they come with more benefits and offer a seamless, neat application. Liquid membranes need to cure for an adequate amount of time; when it’s fully set, you can trust your roof to protect your property from rainfall and other harsh weather conditions. When it comes to applying liquid roof sealants, you’ll need to educate yourself on the application process.

One of the best things about using liquid roofing is its adaptability and flexibility. If you have roof vents or roof windows installed on your flat roof, you can still use liquid roofing. Due to its flexible attributes, liquid roofing solutions can be applied to tedious-shaped roofs with lots of curves or harsh corners.

Flat roofs benefit from liquid roofing the most because of their tendency to struggle to keep rainwater off. Although flat roofs are constructed on a slight incline, flat roofs are known for water pooling issues and drainage problems. To prevent damage or leakage on your flat roof, it’s best that a trained professional installs your liquid roofing system.


Roofing Tools Available at Restec

Here at Restec, we have a wide range of roofing tools and accessories suitable for liquid roofing installation. We understand the difficulties people face when it comes to finding reliable tools for their upcoming projects. Our products are made with high-quality materials and offer longevity.

Most of our tools are reusable, and once cleaned, can be used for future applications. As well as providing customers with necessary roofing tools, we also offer liquid roofing products to help complete your application with ease.

Our flagship liquid roofing system, Flexitex2020, takes the lead against other liquid roofing products on the market today. Amongst our product range, we’ve also created GRPROOF 1010, a well-known product within the industry, used by contractors and builders alike. This product is ideal for all GRP roofing needs. If you have any questions about our tool selection, you can contact a member of our team today.

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